Freelance writer, tree climber, entrepreneur. I was born and raised in Somerville where I got my start at climbing trees at a very young age. Around that time growing up, I picked up a book and my appreciation for literature began. Simultaneously my love for climbing, reading, and writing began to take root. As I got older I left climbing behind to spend four years in Upstate New York at Syracuse University, where I studied communications. Being a bit of a gypsy soul, upon graduation I did a solo road trip in my ‘99 Toyota Camry west to Los Angeles, barely making it. I quickly realized that the East Coast is the best coast, and came back four months later.

My next adventure took me to New York City. I worked at the Strand Bookstore, developing my love for writing and reading even more.  Eventually, the gypsy spirit kicked in again and I found myself spending thirty days on an isolated mountain with a bunch of Buddhist Monks, after only ten months of the city life. This reawakened my appreciation for the simple things; good food, the outdoors, family, love, and a slow paced lifestyle. I decided to move back to my home city, and got into Arboriculture. If I am not writing, or reading you can find me in a tree climbing for my tree company, Sciuto Tree. Or maybe in a coffee shop burying myself in a novel. The biggest lesson I have learned up to this point in my life is the value of time. We do not have much of it, and it can be gone at any moment. Do what you will with that fact. Cheers!

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