Nick K

 I’m from the Northshore. Raised a die heart Boston fan. I follow the 4 major sports plus wrestling (NCAA/Olympic. None of that WWE crap) pretty religiously. I care about soccer once every four years if and only if America is in the World Cup. Outside of sports you will see me writing about drinking (the borderline alcoholism type of drinking), the occasional video game or movie rant, Game of Thrones or whatever show replaces that in my heart when it ends, and if you are lucky I may grace your screens with some historical posts. I went to UMass Amherst. For those of you that have never been it is somehow both more fun and less fun than you would expect. 
Three Fun facts about myself  

1.) I voted for Tom Brady in the last Presidential election. 

2.) I once threw a dart at a bar and to this day no one has found the dart. 

3.) I have never play a lawn game without a beer in my hand.

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