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I Feel Blessed.

March 5, 2019 // 0 Comments

Sometimes the shittiest situations , hence my morning….can lead to power and greatness. I am . Exactly. Who . I. Want. To Be. Yesterday I turned 2 hahaha extra candle [...]

Cinnamon Pebbles

March 1, 2019 // 1 Comment

Living off Dunkaroos ..I have seriously been deprived of what Twitter has to offer. Between music and writing I forgot to find out all off my favorite things exsisted. [...]

Russian Roulette

March 1, 2019 // 1 Comment

The games the millenials are playing for “fun” are first of all going unnoticed and secondly leaving them dead. February 16th we lost a 17 year old(name not [...]

Needles In The Berries

February 28, 2019 // 0 Comments

Australian police have issued a public health warning after needles were found hidden in strawberries across all six of the country’s states. Several brands of the fruit [...]

March 4th

February 27, 2019 // 0 Comments

This year for my birthday I would like to be a part of the incredibly reliable system. March 4th Miami Police Department is hiring . I intend on using my money on renting a [...]

1 up. Or 2 down?

February 27, 2019 // 1 Comment

Russ finally got to work with his idol T-Pain. Ever since his earlier albums Russell Vitale has been a fan. “Here It Comes” is what is just the BEGINNING of Russ [...]

Power Moves.

February 27, 2019 // 0 Comments

Russ (@russdiemon) Tweeted: HONORED to have gotten the opportunity to make a song with one of my favorite artists ever/one of the greatest song writers ever @TPAIN “Here It [...]