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Arty 84

Arty is a designer,screen player writer, traveler, musician, and much more, RHS Senior Class Treasurer 2002, Host of several radio shows such as Late Nite with Arty 84, Wire After Dark, The Arty & Eric Radio Show & The “AE Radio Show”. Once at 13 peanut butter twix during a 30 min lunch period senior year of HS. Been in college 9 years, (2 more then Van Wilder). Drove a lil yellow jeep. Runs Arty84.net and Wheresarty.com. Performed several acts such as “breakfast at tiffanys” “what is love” “I heard it through the grapevine” “Mary Moon” & also performed with the great 2000’s band “Average 6” and been to 48 states in 29 years. Arty had part in stating WIRE (Radio Station) at his college (Wentworth) in Boston and worked with other stations such as WUML, Cyberstation USA and Unregular Radio.

Eric Powers

Eric Powers is a stand up comedian from Boston area. Eric started doing comedy in 2005 after working for a friend, comedian Dave Russo. Eric was compiling clips for Dave’s Road to Vegas DVD. Always wanting to do comedy Eric wrote some material and did a few shows. Eric has done clubs and events all over New England. Eric was a regular of the Saturday Night Hairball show of WAAF back in the early 2000’s. Eric is also seen in several movies such as “Grown Ups 2” and “Clear History”.

    • FB -https://www.facebook.com/pages/Eric-Powers/101651104867
    • Twitter – @_EricPowers
    • Email – ericpowers24@gmail.com

Adam Mallett

Hatched in Cambridge Mass Adam grew up in a suburb just north of Boston. He is the 3rd man on the mic in studio for the Arty & Eric Radio Show & contributes a quick weekly news report that is added to the end of each podcast. He also blogs about Shenanigans and writes drunk movie reviews. Outside of that, Adam is into acting and raising hell one country at a time as he travels to many places around the world. If life was a horror movie he would be the first person killed. His curious nature would make him that idiot who when they hear a noise says “hey guys! let’s go check that out!”

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The Arty & Eric Radio Show – Mar 2014- Present

Arty and Eric  from the Adult Entertainment Radio Show and Adam Mallet from the Packie come together on WEMF Radio to form a new type of awesome show. Live every Sunday from 1PM EST live on WEMF Radio

The Arty & Eric Radio Show – Dec 2009-Aug 2012; Dec 2013 – Mar 2014

  • The Arty & Eric Radio show got its start on Cyber Station USA in the winter of 2009. This was the first time the show was officially called the Arty & Eric show even tho the two had worked together on the radio prier. Arty & Eric took the mix of Arty’s radio ideas and Eric;s stand up comic experiences and made a mix match of all that was funny. Over the years the two moved from recorded shows at Cyber Station to Arty’s basement where they did a weekly podcast, to live events such as NASCAR races and finally back to live radio in the winter of 2010 for the first time since Jan of 2009. No matter where the two performed, a cast of characters always followed. It was this show and the featured comedy shows the two would host they met now Adult Entertainment co-host Brianna Classen, who introduced the show to now co-host JR Huffman. Both Brianna and JR where regulars on the show over the years. The Arty & Eric Show also explored new technologies such as web cams and instant feedbacks, something that only few radio shows had even touched on at that point. Arty and Eric officially parted ways in the summer of 2012 to peruse other creative explorations.The two broke ways and hosted their own shows for a little. Eric hosted his own show on another online station on Thursday nights called  The Eric Powers Project, where he focuses more on guest as a one on one interview. Arty took the remainder of the show and formed  The Adult Entertainment Radio Show. In January of 2014, Arty decided that the Adult Entertainment Radio Show was coming to and end and wanted to Bring back the Arty & Eric Show, and here we are today.

The Arty & Bo Show – May 2008-Dec 2009 

  • The Arty & Bo Show was the first co-host project Arty 84 had tried on live radio. Bo was a fellow student of Arty’s in college and was editor of the schools new paper. Arty brought him on not just for comic relief but to help bring the show to a new level using Bo’s pull with the student body. The Show wasn’t very different then the Late Nite with Arty 84 show, it had the same guests, skits and time slot. Eric Powers, Late the Arty & Eric Show, was also a regular guest on this show. He was also a guest on Arty’s solo show prier to this and crossed over an a regular when Bo and Arty joined teams. The show was the most popular show at the time in the school and had an International fan base. After Arty graduated in the summer of 2008, the show continued for another year with Arty acting as an alum. The show was later canceled and Arty & Eric were asked not to return to WIRE when the show got a little too crazy for the likes of the new school advisers who didn’t know much about the show. Arty and Eric agreed it was time to take the show to the next level, Bo on the other hand was left behind never to be heard from again.

The Late Nite with Arty 84 show – Feb 2005 -May 2008 

  • After Arty transferred colleges in fall of 2004, he was in search for work with a radio station. He had interned at WUML for 2 years and was waiting to have his on FM show when he decided to make the move into the city. While at Wentworth he was a huge part of getting the school to help finally launch the Internet Radio Station they have always wanted to do. In the late 90’s the school was banned from FM after over modulating without a license, or so the story goes. After the launch of the station is 2005, Arty took over duties as the morning show, playing music and giving news to all listeners. by the summer of 2005 Arty had been elected to Promo Director and finally to Programming director by late 2005. Arty had hosted several shows on WIRE such as Club WIRE, Ultimate 80’s and Wire Aftah Dark before merging all the shows to the Late Nite with Arty 84 show. This show is the undeveloped fetus of the Adult Entertainment Radio Show, but all the ideas started off here. The show took college radio to new levels. IT had regular guest such as Eric Powers, cousin Richie and side kick Ryan and extreme talk that no one on the station had even tried. The show got in its share of trouble over the years but it never fell. Arty contributes the success of the show to all the great people he worked with at the station and if it wan’t for Brian, Diana, John, Danielle and Stacy, he would of never still be doing radio. That group of people he had spent several years working with at the station gave Arty the passion for radio that he as today.


  • In September of 2002, Arty was a freshmen at U-Mass Lowell in Lowell Massachusetts. While wondering around campus one day, he stumbles on something that would change his life forever, WJUL. WJUL was the U-Mass Lowell radio station. It was located in the basement of the Alumni Library and was four rooms in size. There was a little hallway that led you to a huge green room, Next was a smaller room where bands would setup and every Monday “Live From The Fallout Shelter” would broadcast. The next room was the studio followed by the CD and Server room. There was also a little office to the back where people could do post recording and what not. That room was later taken over by the Lowell Sun when the University sold out a part of the station to the local paper, taking away air time from students. From what I hear now, the studio was redone and cut down 75% in size. Live From The Fallout Shelter still airs, but no one at the station is able to be reached. For years, Arty has asked to return and talk to inspiring students, but not answer was ever giving. “I want to give back to kids just like me, who went to school for one thing, and ended up doing something completely different because of a club or group they got involved with” Arty 84 said. Arty was with WJUL, which then change to WUML 91.5 FM. He interned on a local music show called “In Common” for two years and never was able to host his own show because of a transfer to WIT.

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