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The Infamous Lex Ciriello

When engaging in a conversation about my grandfather I always forget to mention he’s not your typical rocking chair, tobacco pipe, war stories grandpa. I have a GP. The Italian warrior tormenting the ladies from early 60s to the present. An artist in more ways than one. Beginning with his jimbay and musical spirit , he always catches a crowds attention. No matter the occasion you’ll be sure to hear some form of reggaeton filling the air. I intend to make another post all together to celebrate him in the next few days I just wanted to spread the word sooner than later and get the ball rolling on his career. Comedian is an understatement. Hes going to give YouTube a run for his money. Having never been caught on tape the Ciriellos are going to impact the world in more than one way. You can contact him via Facebook at Lex Ciriello. Kinky reggaeton is his specialty. You’ll see for yourself momentarily why hes such a gem. Social media unfortunately wasn’t around during his time and he has yet to use it at a platform. Starting today “Grandpa” will be recognized everywhere.

Dont be Shy….Hes Looking To Expand Drastically And I’m going To Use My Resources To The Best Of My Abilities.

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