A Saturday In February

When Writing Down What Your Intentions Are , At Least In My Opinion , They Seem To Come To The Light More Willingly . When You Just Sit And Talk About Accomplishing Things , You’ll End Up Binge Watching A Series Instead Of Galloping Forward. Good Choice Of Words Eh? I’m A Sarcastic Lunatic To All Of Those Who Have Yet To Read My Past 5 Years Of Writing. I’ve Been Intentionally Putting Necessary Things Off My List Just Mentally Preparing Myself For The Spotlight Again. Tomorrow I’m Going To Test Out This Raundonauting Trend And Get Into My Witchy Energy. I Don’t Currently Have My Alter Set Up Here , But My Energy Is Always Strongest The Week Prior To My Birthday ALLLLLL The Way Up Until Mid April. I’m Not Going To Dive Too Deep Into The Witchcraft Subject , That’s A Whole Nother Post Alone. POST malone. Haha…..In Other Words I Came On WordPress At One A.M To Organize My Thoughts Like I Normally Would But Even More So Now Because My Planner Has Gone Up In Flames. Again A Story For Another Time. Email And Or Contact Me On Social Media For Bookings Or General Life Advice/ Spontaneous Conversations.

February 27, 2021

1. Binge Sopranos Til Eyeballs Contemplate Suicide

2. Lacking Sleep Stand In Shower Til Life Is Drilled Into Me Via Water Droplets

3. Raundonaut My Way Into Unique Situations In Which I Will Manifest AND Document Because I Hate Fake Bullshit Stories.

4. Contact My Health Insurance Because Adulting Is A Wonderful Experience .

5. Invest In Basic Candles/Necessities To Imitate My Alter At Home.

6. Plan Birthday Which I’m Thinking Will Just Be A Gathering Involving My Favorite Books , Local Music Artists, And Potentially Less Than Fluffy Animals. (still mourning my three lizards , but I am not opposed to getting another gecko. I already have my eye on an albino one. )

7. Record Latest Three Songs I’ve Impulsively Written On New Instagram & Twitter Considering Both My Old Accounts And My Old Email Are Unopenable. I Know That’s Not A Word Thanks.

8. Recap Of Adventure On Here And Dig Into Latest News. Goodnight Guys

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