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Aya Ito Tells How Music Took Her From Singing On Subways to Working With a Legendary Music Producer

Singer/songwriter Aya Ito is shedding light about racial injustice with her new single “Don’t Take My Life”.

In addition to being an incredible artist, Aya has a really compelling backstory, being the product of an interracial marriage. Aya was actually born in Tokyo but moved to the United States at eight years old.

The songstress discussed studying at the prestigious University of Chicago on a full-ride scholarship where she double majored in Romance languages in literature and East Asian languages in civilization to have a fall back plan saying “a lot of artists struggle to be successful to make music a full-time thing”.

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In addition to being trilingual, having a beautiful voice, Aya also enjoys making Onigirl and pole dancing on her Instagram page saying “I really enjoy circus stuff, so I do hula hooping, aerial silks and pole dancing. I put a pole in my house, I use it for exercise. I started aerial silks first but its a lot harder to get silks in my house. So I decided I would get a pole instead because a lot of the movements are very similar. A lot of the muscles you work are very similar”.

Check out the full Zoom interview and find out what legendary producer is working on her debut album.

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