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Rudy Giuliani Explains the Truth Behind Compromising Scene in New Borat Film

With the lifted embargo for the upcoming Sacha Baron Cohen release came spoilers about a hotel room encounter between US President Trump’s personal lawyer and an actor playing Borat’s daughter. Giuliani issued a statement shortly after the embargo was lifted, saying: “At no time before, during, or after the interview was I ever inappropriate.”

According to people who have who have seen the Borat sequel, Rudy Giuliani was caught being mildly inappropriate. The former Mayor of New York and attorney to President Trump was tricked into filming the scene back in July after agreeing to be interviewed by a conservative news outlet, which was really just a setup for Borat 2.

During the mockumentary’s scene, Borat’s daughter, Tutar, pretends to be a reporter for a fake far-right news outlet called Patriots Report. After the interview and some flirting between the two, the actress recommends that the two have a drink in the bedroom of a hotel suite which is rigged with hidden cameras.

After she removes Giuliani’s microphone, the 76-year-old is seen lying in the bed on his back and reaching into his pants when Borat barges into the room and says, “She’s 15. She’s too old for you.” Giuliani quickly leaves and calls for his security detail in the hallway.

Once news of the scene was covered by the media, Giuliani claimed in a radio interview that he was attempting to take off his microphone and tucking in his shirt when he reached into his pants. The President echoed that claim in a now deleted tweet.

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