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Man From Arkansas Rapes and Buries Jogger and Joins Search Party to Find Her

Quake Lewellyn rammed 25-year-old Sydney Sutherland with his truck and then raped and buried before eventually confessing.

Alex Nicholson, Sutherland’s boyfriend, reported Sutherland missing after she had disappeared while jogging on August 19. The victim’s body was found two days later in a remote field.

Lewellyn was arrested after his cellular data placed him in the same area where Sutherland’s body was discovered. Also, Sutherland’s phone was found 2.5 miles from where her body was buried. Prior to the discovery of the victim’s body, Lewellyn volunteered in the search and joined the Facebook group that was searching for Sutherland.

According to an affidavit, the 28-year-old farmer admitted to the crime and was charged with murder, rape, kidnapping, and abuse of a corpse. Lewellyn remains in jail without bail and is scheduled to be arraigned on October 29th.

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