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(R) Congressional Candidate Joseph Underwood of Maine House District 147 Discusses the Beauty of Presque Isle, Maine

The Packie: What is special about Distict 147?

Congressional Candidate Joseph Underwood (Dist-147): Presque Isle Maine is a nice community [North of Hermon, Maine by 142 miles] and its a nice small community and if your ever in that area stop by Presque Isle is a great place to visit.

The Packie: Whats some of the main issues your district is facing?

Congressional Candidate Joseph Underwood (Dist-147): Labor supply is moving out. It’s up to us as legislator to understand the problem and be able to solve the problem. At least have an idea what to do. In Presque Isle we have a great airport and a great place to travel from the north woods to anyplace in the world. Also we have a beautiful trail system in Presque Isle and Aroostook County where you can use a four wheeler in the summer and also snowmobile in the wintertime and use the same trails and go through a lot of the woods, I mean hundreds of miles. You’ll see a beautiful scenery, moose, deer, you name it for the wild animals. You’ll enjoy it very much in Presque Isle.

The Packie: What brings you out today to support Vice President Pence?

Congressional Candidate Joseph Underwood (Dist-147): I have never been to a Pence rally. I have never seen him or heard I’m speak. After Trump serves his additional four years I believe Pence will have an influence on the 2024 race even if he isn’t a presidential candidate.

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