A Dying Harvey Weinstein Lawyers Ask For Bail So He Won’t Die In Prison

Movie producer Harvey Weinstein is facing serious health problems according to his lawyers, who claim the movie producer will likely die if he isn’t released from prison.

In a hearing this past Friday to Weinstein’s lawyers requested for him to be released on bail, pending an appeal over a Manhattan rape conviction that has found him in prison.

Weinstein’s lawyer—Barry Kamins, told a judge during a virtual hearing at the Appellate Division First Department “[Weinstein’s] physical and mental condition has so deteriorated, I do not think it’s an overstatement to say that if he is not released as part of this application, his chances of surviving in prison are rather low.” Kamins went on to add that Weinstein is “almost blind,” wheelchair-bound, and is on 20 medications. Lawyers for Weinstein were reportedly applying for a $2 million bail pending the outcome of his appeal of the rape case, which hasn’t been filed yet. Weinstein is currently serving a 23-year sentence at the Wende Correctional Facility in Buffalo

Do you feel Weinstein deserves compassion considering the crimes he was convicted of?

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