Shaun King Maintains Black Card For His Book “Make Change” But Does it Help Our Community?

I recently read Shaun King’s book ‘MAKE CHANGE’ to get a different perspective on some of the challenges we face in the country. The 272 page so-called guide should be labeled fiction at certain points when King portrays Eric Garner as an innocent victim opposed to acknowledging the truth, Eric Garner played a part in his own death by not complying with the police after being given a lawful order.

The problem with King is that his racial perspective is biased from having grown up in an allegedly racist town in Kentucky that has skewed his views on race in this country. While you can never strip away King’s blackness, his insecurity causes him to overcompensate at times, so no one in the black community can ever take away his “black card”.

King’s book is driven behind the thesis of making scapegoats out of law enforcement while completely dismissing the importance of the black community respecting lawful orders from a peace officer, a dishonest narrative. Past claims of him being a grifter who is pandering to his audience without offering any realistic solutions ring true in this book.

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