Joe Biden is a Descendant of Slave Owners

One of the most respected genealogy firms in the country has proved that Biden is a descendent of slaveowners on the Robinette side of his family. Joe Biden’s great-grandfather owned twelve slaves according to Glenn Beck. He has done some thorough research with the help of one of the best genealogy firms in this county proving this claim. Will you vote for Biden knowing his family owned slaves?

3 Comments on Joe Biden is a Descendant of Slave Owners

  1. Weather or not his family owned slaves or not makes no difference !At that time it was a common practice at that time but to claim they were not and be ashamed of history is a fools path.Joe has clip flopped flipped,covered up his whole an affair with Jill when she was married to another man during his first Senate campaign and claim a drink truck driver killed his first wife and child.Look up the reports for yourself.Character matters Joe has none but propaganda has gotten him this far more than most

  2. Moderation is a nice term for Orwells Newspeak,double think of free speech must be modified to fit the collective view of be eliminated as always happens with speech police!

    • I feel on the Left being a descendant of a slave owner would be important information to know as a voter. However, as a Conservative I don’t feel it matters because you aren’t responsible for the mistakes of your ancestors. Joe Biden doesn’t have as much integrity as the liberal media would have you believe and I am familiar with many of the stories you mentioned and much more because my wife is from Delaware. Thanks for commenting!!

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