Essie Berry’s Smear Campaign Against Steve Harvey

Essie Berry would have you believe that she is a civil rights activist. However, the widow of the iconic actor Fred Berry (Rerun from What’s happening) is more of a con artist. Essie Berry is a fame whore that used Fred Berry to get into the spotlight. For years after Berry’s 2003 death the former hair and cosmetologist student claimed to publications that Fred was murdered even though reports say he died of natural causes. During most of this period Rerun was in an unmarked grave which was eventually provided by his mistress Ruby Blackwell. Fred had filed for divorce at the time of his death and was separated from Essie Berry.

When the media got tired of reporting on the stories about Fred Berry’s alleged murder. Essie tried to repaint herself as a civil rights activist. Now this vicious black widow is attempting to latch onto the legacy of another icon in the black community, comedian Steve Harvey.

While her evidence of being stalked by Steve Harvey lacks any basis in fact, it does shine a spotlight on a deranged woman obsessed with someone else’s success. I applaud Steve Harvey for being such a professional while being slandered. I am mortified that publications such as Black News are giving credibility to Berry’s clearly false accusations against Steve Harvey for clickbait.

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  1. Mr. Ryan very good article I agree 100%. It’s feel like I wrote this article myself. I have something you maybe in interested in. I have documentation that shows. Steve Havery sued Essie Berry in 2018. A warrant for arrest was issued in Texas. On a gag order she was issued in 2017. I have the gag order also. Essie Berry and Geneva closets were both issued gag orders. They both chose to ignore them. If you would be interested please contact me @ I have Essie Berry’s complete scam history. From every detail of her marriage to Rerun. To all the people she has scammed money off.

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