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KingFace Alleged to Have Spread HIV to Multiple Women

Conservative Instagram influencer Larry Henry aka as KingFace has been in a coma since July. It was alleged that it was because of kidney failure. However, a woman has come forward and stated that KingFace gave her and multiple women HIV when discussing it with Tony Montaga on IG Live.

KingFace had developed popularity in Conservative circles including being invited to the White House by Donald Trump and appearing with Candace Owens at Blexit events and on her platform.

In a video with a Republican from NY-14 Antoine Tucker, a close friend of KingFace. His mistress Bianca Boykin describes the ordeal of getting HIV from KingFace and how he has also infected multiple women.

7 Comments on KingFace Alleged to Have Spread HIV to Multiple Women

  1. Freaking disgusting guys, you should be ashamed of yourselves.

    • @TheWolf I’m proud of having the courage to write the truth.

      • It’s an unsubstantiated allegation that you were so courageous to write about. Calling it ‘the truth’ only undermines your credibility.

      • Multiple women have alleged they caught HIV from KingFace. I have done my due diligence in reporting and the story is factual. While it may be difficult for you to accept the truth this story has the highest journalistic standards. I’m sorry that you can’t accept the truth.

      • I may have missed a crucial part of the evidence you have presented and if so, I will apologise. But what due diligence have you applied besides the video above, that can verify and corroborate these claims insofar as you can call it ‘the truth‘? Do you have medical documents with his diagnosis, interviews with the other women, have you got evidence that they actually were acquainted and were in fact sleeping with him, – photos, text messages, phone records? How about medical proof from the women? And if you are so certain that these claims are true, then why would you still have the word ‘alleged’ in the story’s title please? I mean no disrespect, I just believe it should be a very well-evidenced claim you are making against someone who has just passed and cannot defend himself, and if it is going to discredit the deceased and dishonour his surviving family as much as this does.

      • You realized this post predates him passing. I understand you being upset but it is plenty of evidence that brings validity to these claims, but since he has died I don’t feel the need to drive the point home because it is an uncomfortable topic, but the evidence exists and I have seen texts, phone records, photos and videos to corroborate this.

  2. I beg your pardon, I had a bit of a brain fart on the date of the article and thought it was posted after his death. However, it was still posted after he had lapsed into a coma, was in critical condition and unable to defend himself.
    That is still a bit of a low blow by anyone’s standards…. But not as bad as I originally thought.

    I am Australian but have been following the situation very closely over there in the US, as the results of this election are of grave consequence and will directly affect our lives here too… – If Trump loses, we’re basically China’s. It’s already started. Our second biggest city, Melbourne, is locked down like Wuhan (since April) being run into the ground under a dictatorships rule. He is literally changing the laws to give him absolute control and even with COVID numbers down with only 5 new cases in the state, his control is still ramping up. He is quietly sympathetic to China, just like Biden. It’s drastic stuff and the dirty tactics being played all over the Western world, especially in America are terrifyingly significant. I just felt as though this article was taking a stab at a man whose just passed might have been more of the same. I believe you when you say they are not.

    I liked Kingface, I enjoyed his insights, but I didn’t know him. It’s wasn’t that I was upset by his death & was lashing out in emotion, it was that there just doesn’t seem to be any basic human respect, any honour lately. Trump gets COVID today and they are already cheering and calling for his death. I hate to see America behaving in such a grotesque way. It’s inhuman, and scary to witness a country of such noble patriotic greatness brought to its knees by sweet & vicious lies.

    I’m glad that you are having consideration for Kingface’s memory & respecting his family by not pushing the issue. Much classier that way. Defamations & accusations of a newly dead man, however true or otherwise they may be, should be put aside during the mourning period, out of respect for a life lost and the loved ones who are grieving.

    I wish you and all Americans the best, and apologise again for the misunderstanding in regards to date posted.
    xxx Loz.

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