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Jemele Hill Plays Bed Wench On Recent Interview With DJ Vlad


Jemele Hill recently was interviewed on DJ Vlad and sounded absolutely pathetic. The former ESPN sports journalist espoused her victim mentality in Part 8 of the interview.

DJ Vlad starts off the interview insulting black Republicans suggesting that “Trump only accepts black people he can ridicule” playing a clip from D. L. Hughley to prove his point.

Vlad neglected to mention some of the accomplished black supporters of the President such as Dr. Ben Carson or Senator Tim Scott, focusing on bloggers like Diamond and Silk.

How is it acceptable for a white man to essentially insult people of color just because they have different political views?

Jemele Hill and DJ Vlad then discuss Breonna Taylor being killed because of a ‘No-Knock’ warrant, neglecting to mention that she was a suspect in a drug investigation.

Jemele Hill later pushed the blatant lie that the reason businesses and schools reopened was because blacks were disproportionately effected by COVID-19.

She later insults Candace Owens near the end of the interview calling her a “boot licker”. How much boot licking did Jemele Hill have to do to get on Vlad?

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