DJ Vlad Tries to Rewrite History of Saigon’s Cowardice

DJ Vlad recently interviewed Saigon. In Part 6 of the interview DJ Vlad tries to rewrite history and make it seem as if the beef stemmed from Saigon’s relationship with Tru Life.

However, according to Prodigy’s audiobook it stemmed from Saigon setting Mobb Deep’s album cover on fire on a Smack DVD. Prodigy claims Saigon was clout chasing.

Later in the audiobook Prodigy discusses running into Saigon at a party in Manhattan where Saigon apologized for his actions on the Smack DVD.

Prodigy portrays Saigon as a clout chaser, cowardly and a bit of a poser. Check out Prodigy’s version of events with the former ‘Entourage’ actor.


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