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Joy Villa Discusses Her Book Kickass Conservative and Why She Thinks Cardi B is Anti-Woman


I caught up via Zoom with the incredible recording artist Joy Villa who rocketed to fame for her Maga inspired dresses at the Grammy’s. She recently released a new book called “Kickass Conservative!” which is definitely recommended reading. Joy is vulnerable in the book and reveals many of the obstacles she had to overcome before finding success and balance in life.

Villa also discussed Cardi B being anti-woman via Zoom saying “I think she’s pro money. The only thing Cardi B is promoting is money. She is saying sell your body, sell your soul, sell everything about you, sell your people out for the almighty dollar”

Check out the full Zoom interview where Villa discusses why she believes Cardi B is anti-woman (7:54), being criticized by Leah Remini (19:00) and why she doesn’t agree with the Black Lives Matter movement (21:37).

Follow Joy Villa on Twitter @Joy_Villa, IG @joyvilla and Ryan Glover @actorrglover.

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