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Screenwriter & Producer Howard Nash and Musician Mr. Kowalsky & Entrepreneur, Author, Motivational Speaker Ray Leonard JR. on The Arty 84 Show – 2020-08-19 – EP 145

    • Show Recap: This is week 23 of America’s shut down and the boys are broadcasting from their own studios again. As always Adam Mallett and Ryan Glover tonight on this 2 hour episode. Special guests tonight are Screenwriter & Producer Howard Nash talking about his new movie American Wisper. Also on the show for the 3rd time and live from Paris, musician Mr Kowalsky. We also have The Great Sugar Ray Leonard’s son, Ray Leonard JR who is an entrepreneur, actor, radio show host and motivational speaker. We talk boxing, movies and music plus much much more all tonight on the Arty 84 Show.

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