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CEO of SprainGO Partners with Black Girls Run! to Fight Diabetes and Other Underlying Conditions

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W. Caleb William’s is the CEO of SprainGO.

I caught up via Zoom with W. Caleb Williams, the CEO of SprainGO. A company that was created after Williams discovered his grandmother’s 100 year old remedy.

Williams discovered the remedy when his son suffered a severe ankle sprain at a soccer game. Seeing how quickly the remedy worked for his son he started SprainGo.

According to Williams scientists at University have found RelieveIt superior to both NSAIDs and CBD.

Company logo

RelieveIt is the first product to prevent muscle soreness.

Williams discussed his partnership with BlackGirlsRun! to help tackle diabetes by encouraging women to change their nutrition, finding safer alternatives to pain relief. 

Williams is also mentoring a young lady who is starting a company that helps ex-felons find jobs.

Check out the full interview and see W. Caleb Williams breakdown why soreness doesn’t help build muscles and check out his company’s website

On Twitter and Instagram follow @actorrglover and @relievitbefore.

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