Brevard County Sheriff Wayne Ivey Discusses Using His Platform For Animal Rights


Sheriff Ivey with his faithful Bloodhound Junny.

Mainstream media outlets have been attempting to push the narrative that defunding the police will make you safer. However, Brevard County Sheriff Wayne Ivey has proven that with proper funding, law enforcement is a necessity and can do some good in the world.

Animal rights are becoming more of an important issue in communities.  The attention to the health and well-being of pets is a good indication of a thriving community. In his duties as Sheriff, Ivey is also tasked with overseeing the Brevard County South Animal Care and Adoption Center.

“At the time we took it over, the live release rate was 55%. Which meant that only about 55 out of every 100 animals that came into that shelter was making it into a forever home. So we wanted to become “No Kill”, we partnered with some local rescues. In eighteen months we went from 55% live release rate, to [a] 94% live release rate, which moved us to being classified as a “No Kill” shelter.” Sheriff Wayne Ivey 

Check out the full interview via Zoom where Sheriff Ivey discusses bait dogs, law enforcement’s use of K-9s and much more:


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