Shaggy’s 2000 Song “It Wasn’t Me” Wasn’t Even Released as a Single


When Shaggy released his Hot Shot album in 2000, which had the song “It Wasn’t Me” and “Angel”, MCA Records thought “It Wasn’t Me” wasn’t fit for radio because it was nothing like the songs dominating radio at the time, such as NSYNC’s “Bye Bye Bye” or The Backstreet Boys “Shape of My Heart”. A story that illustrates how senior executives almost stifled one of the biggest crossover hits of the year, by refusing to give the song any promotion.

A Deejay out of Oahu, Hawaii at Hot 93.9 had tried getting the promo album from the label which refused, he ended up downloading it off of Napster and playing it on the radio, it instantly blew up on the island. “For the first time and the only real time, in my professional life. I saw a song that just bubbled to the top all by itself” says former senior director of A&R at MCA Records, Hans Haedelt, who had pushed for the song to be on the album.

Shaggy and Rikrok went from playing barely filled venues to sold-out performances!!

The album Hot Shot eventually sold ten million records!! Being the 20th anniversary of Hot Shot, Shaggy re-recorded a contemporary version and released it called Hot Shot 2020!!


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