Pat Boone Releases Anthem For the Times ‘Can’t We Get Along’

In 1991 when video cameras recorded Rodney King being assaulted by the LAPD, rioting soon followed in Los Angeles. At his press conference after leaving the hospital, instead of saying something incendiary that could have incited more rioting, he was calling for compassion and empathy. Pat Boone said, “that’s what we need!” and utilizing Rodney King’s words wrote “Can’t We Get Along.” It was shelved for 30 years until about three weeks ago, when Pat Boone realized…“Can’t We Get Along” should be the anthem of where we are now! Pat Boone wrote this beautiful song which is performed by Wendy Moten. Pat Boone also recently released two very special audio books at a time when people all around the world could use some inspiration, “The Miracle of Prayer” (includes a 13-song bonus music CD) and “Footprints of God.” It emphasizes the importance of prayer in our daily life, and even though we will have difficult moments God can intervene in our lives if we ask!!

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