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DJ Vlad’s Interview of Toosi on His 3 Best Friends Murdering His Grandpa and Wanting Them Free Is Black Exploitation


Vlad recently interviewed the talented artist Toosii. His interview starts out very friendly at first talking about where Toosii was born and grew up.

Then the the interview takes a disturbing turn at the 1:55 mark where he asks Toosii about whether he was from a single family home, then at 2:23 he asks if him and his siblings shared the same father. A narrative that Vlad likes to promote that black men are absent fathers!!

At 3:43 Vlad asks Toosii to retell the murder of Toosii’s grandfather, for once Vlad actually mentions and artist music, because Toosii did a song where he discusses his grandfathers untimely death called “Red Light”.

While Vlad parades himself as an investigative journalist were these questions necessarily relevant to Toosiii’s musical career? No questions about how or why he recorded the song.

The rumors that Vlad is the “Feds”has never been confirmed but after Toosii states he wants his friends free at the 7:41 mark, Vlad asks without missing a beat, “because you want to do something to them?”.

Interesting that Charlamagne Tha God after years of avoiding DJ Vlad recently bought Vlad on the Breakfast Club after defending Nick Cannon’s anti-semitic remarks.

If Nick Cannon who is a regular guest of DJ Vlad and Charlamagne who just bought him on the Breakfast Club really cared about empowering black people, why would they continue to promote someone who exploits African-American culture!!

It makes sense for Toosii wanting to be on the platform because he is clearly desperate for fame, but how can you respect him as an artist for subjecting himself or anyone else to personal questions that have nothing to do with their music?


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