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How Terry Crews Attaches Himself To Various Movements to Maintain Relevance In His Acting Career

Twentieth Century Fox Presents a Special Screening of 'Deadpool 2', New York, USA - 14 May 2018

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Broadimage/REX/Shutterstock (9671895br) Terry Crews Twentieth Century Fox Presents a Special Screening of ‘Deadpool 2’, New York, USA – 14 May 2018 “Deadpool 2” New York Screening

He is a Pussycat

Terry Crews is 6’2 and 245lbs but that didn’t stop the muscle-bound actor from stopping talent agent Adam Venit from grabbing his man bits in February of 2016 at a Hollywood event hosted by Adam Sandler. Crews later filed a police report and settled out in a lawsuit over the sexual assault accusation. Maybe, Crews handled the situation professionally but it’s a number of ways that the situation could have been handled where it was made clear that this type of behavior wasn’t acceptable.

Blames Porn For Almost Ruining His Marriage

Porn didn’t almost ruin his marriage with singer Rebecca King Crews, his choice to watch porn did. Self-control and accountability is important and the concept of porn being addictive is highly debatable in the psychiatric and treatment communities. But of a course a pussycat like Terry Crews would have a problem with porn addiction.

Nonsensical Tweets About #blacklivesmatter

Crews tweeted last month. “We must ensure #blacklivesmatter doesn’t morph into #blacklivesbetter.” What does that mean? I’ve criticized the Black Lives Matter movement for their lack of accountability with funds but the movement doesn’t seem to be about #blacklivesbetter it is about black lives not being taken by the police

Defund Pornhub

Now the attention whore is at it again tweeting on Tuesday “DEFUND PORNHUB,” getting as of Thursday morning over 68,000 likes and more than 14,000 retweets and comments. Even though it is a number of other pornographic sites besides pornhub and the vast majority of women on pornhub do so consensually.

Also Pornhub is pretty good about taking down videos because I found a video of my friends niece and the next day it was down.


Clearly, Terry Crews is attempting to maintain relevance as an actor opposed to doing any actual good. His whole game plan is attaching himself to various movements, whether it is the #MeTooMovement or blaming porn for almost ruining his marriage. Someone needs to tell that giant to start taking accountability for his actions and to start acting his size!!

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