Senator Kamala Harris Likely to Be Named Former Vice President Biden’s Running Mate

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Vice President Biden’s Build Back Better plan with Senator Kamala Harris and Mayor Carter today demonstrates that Senator Kamala Harris is the best choice for Biden’s running mate. She advocated for passing the Heroes Act which she accused Republicans of standing in the way of that!!

Joining Harris and Carter on the Zoom meeting was Sheet Metal Workers Local 10 Business Manager/President Matt Fairbanks, Pipe Fitters Local 455 Business Manager Tony Poole, and Sheet Metal Workers Local 10 Government Affairs Director Colin Beere.

Senator Harris said on the Zoom meeting “this is our country we need to fight for our ideals” she also discussed the importance of tackling the “systemic injustices” that exist in the country. She applauded Minnesota for fighting for injustices and said it will be important for Biden’s win in November.

With Minnesota being a swing state and being a pivotal place in the 2020 election the fact that Senator Harris was chosen to be the keynote speaker at this virtual event alludes that she will be the Vice President pick!!

Trump nearly won Minnesota in the 2016 presidential election. With Biden saying he would announce a VP Pick by August 1st expect Kamala Harris to be name as his running mate!!

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