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Fox News Fired a Racist Writer But Is Still Part of the Perpetuation of Racism in This Country


Fox New perpetuates the idea like so many Right-Wing outlets that systemic racism doesn’t exist. One of the biggest proponents of this idea has been Tucker Carlson. While a writer on his show, Jeff Neff, was revealed to have made some horrible comments under a pseudonym online which led to him being fired by Fox News. While Fox News fired Neff after this information was revealed they only fired him because Neff was caught.

Screen Shot 2020-07-14 at 6.45.41 AM

The shock that Fox News has a racists that work for its company isn’t a shock. Tucker Carlson lets that be known every time he speaks on Tucker Carlson Tonight. In fact even his response to Neff’s resignation suggest someone who is deeply out of touch with how pervasive that racism is in this country and at Fox News. Fox hosts regularly defend the officers who have murdered black people and the idea that Neff was a racist shouldn’t be shocking.

Screen Shot 2020-07-14 at 6.56.16 AM

Carlson addressed Neff being fired on the show and his response was laughable. Carlson has proven that he is the biggest hypocrite on television with his remarks on the matter. The concept that it is racist people that work for Fox News isn’t surprising. However, the idea that some people think the network is fair and balanced is. Fox isn’t the only Right-Wing outlet perpetuating racism but its the biggest!!

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