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Why Kanye West Isn’t Fit To Be President


Kanye West is a great musical artist and I’m not even sure he is serious about his presidential bid. However, before you consider voting for Kanye do you think someone who has a history of some rather erratic behavior, should potentially be running the country? Kanye West has shown that he can’t even handle the stress of his music career such as in 2016 when he cancelled 21 remaining tour dates on the Saint Pablo Tour. Do you really want to give an individual who is diagnosed with bipolar disorder control of the nuclear button?

Lack of Government Experience

We have already seen what happens when we give the opportunity to an individual to be President with lack of government experience, Donald Trump led this country into a pandemic because he didn’t have a pandemic playbook like some more experienced politicians like Hillary Clinton would have!! Most U.S. Presidents have had some government experience such as Ronald Reagan who was an actor prior to his presidency, had served as the Screen Actors Guild president and Governor of California. Having experience in government allows Presidents to know something about government, which was a criticism of Former House Speaker Paul Ryan Ryan about Trump saying he “didn’t know anything” about government.

Questionable Educational Background

People kind of undermine the importance of higher education all the time but I think it is a reason a lot of recent Presidents such as Barack Obama, Donald Trump, and George W. Bush all have advanced degrees. These programs are rigorous and show that an individual can handle simulated stress while also sometimes informing them about topics that are relevant to the presidency. Where did Kanye West study, at the School of the Art Institute and he dropped out of Chicago State University where his mom taught. At this point his wife may have a more relevant educational background to be President than he does. Which leads to my next point.


Kim Kardashian may get people out of prison and get a law degree but it still is a video of her getting her guts smashed in by Ray J.

Do We Need A First Lady That is a Porn Star?

Just because the idea of class that the White House is supposed to represent has already been somewhat tarnished by having former nude model Melania Trump as the First Lady. Now I guess people want to desecrate the office completely and let a full-fledged porn star in!! I’m sure Putin and Kim Jong Un would have a field day displaying X-rated photos of Kim Kardashian and the infamous video of Kim getting smashed by Ray J if Kanye West were to ever become President!! If we aren’t already the laughing stock of the world, we definitely would be.


If Kanye wants to be President, perhaps he should start with Good Music. Kanye West has not demonstrated that he is stable enough to lead this country and because he makes some bangin’ beats, doesn’t equip him to lead the country. One egomaniacal reality star as President is enough and it should be no question that Joe Biden, a proven leader in government who has a pandemic playbook should get your vote in 2020, not an unstable musician who refuses to take his meds!!

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