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Why Vince Carter Isn’t a Hall of Fame Player

Vince Carter finished his career as the oldest player in the NBA. However, even though his career totals surpassed 25,000 points. What should be remembered most about his career is his stint with the Toronto Raptors. After resigning with the Raptors the summer of 2004, Cater didn’t have the same effort and forced then GM, Rob Babcock to trade him. As soon as Carter was traded to New Jersey he was back performing as an All-Star. Carter also characteristically didn’t play defense and also had a habit of faking injuries.

His postseason performance is highlighted by his 2001 playoff appearance versus the Philadelphia 76ers, where Carter chose to attend his graduation from North Carolina. Carter traveled to Philadelphia the day of the game and had a subpar performance which included 6-of-18  in a one-point loss, he also missed a shot in the final seconds that would have won the game.

Despite him making the All-Star team multiple times and a high career scoring total. The legacy of Vince Carter should be remembered as a player who didn’t prioritize the game of basketball and wasn’t disciplined to win. Some would suggest his longevity, but Carter playing 1,541 games falsely conceals a player who didn’t play defense, often faked injuries, and didn’t prioritize the game of basketball when it mattered most, such as choosing to attend his graduation in the 2001 playoffs.

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