Oklahoma Woman Shot Stealing Nazi Flag From Man’s Yard

A Oklahoma man shot a woman four times in the back after she allegedly took a Nazi flag flying in his yard. Alexander John Feaster, 44, has been charged with assault and battery with a deadly weapon and shooting with intent to kill. Garfield County Sheriff Jody Helm said the victim was found in a ditch after being hit with Feater’s 5.56mm rifle.

The official police report reads:

“A white female, identified as Kyndal, run-up to the residence and pull the Nazi flag down to the west side of the porch. Kyndal took the flag and ran back toward the residence … I also observed a white male, identified as Alexander Feaster, exit the front door to his residence … with a large AR platform rifle on a sling and at the ready. […] Without warning, Feaster opened fire on Kyndal as she was running away from the residence. On the video footage, it appeared that Feaster fired approximately 7-8 shots very rapidly. Several of these rounds striking Kyndal. It is important to note that Kyndal did not appear to be in any way, a threat to Feaster due to her obviously running away from his residence with only a flag in her hand.”

The district attorney is considering charging Kyndal for stealing the flag.

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