Amber Krabach is a True American Patriot

As coronavirus cases are rising in Washington, Amber Krabach is a Republican running on a “no mandatory mask platform” in the 45th District. A true American Patriot, who I became aware of in one of her past tweets where she declared prostitution comparable to rape. Even though our opinions differ on that one topic because many sex workers clearly make a willing decision to participate in the sex trade industry, absent of pimps or financial desperation. Amber Krabach is thoughtful and honest enough to admit that she doesn’t know everything about the issue but feel its important to have the dialogue.

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Amber Krabach has been criticized rather harshly because of her association to the far-right extremist group the Proud Boys of being bigoted. A group that Amber Krabach tries to insist are good people. I can’t speak for the Proud Boys but Amber Krabach is a thoughtful individual who wants to fight against crony capitalism and the concept that the mainstream media hasn’t accurately depicted the Proud Boys, it wouldn’t be the first time.

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Very rarely do you find candidates who are as open and honest as Amber Krabach and the State of Washington is lucky to have her. While supporting Trump has become more difficult by the day for MAGA supporters, the message that Amber Krabach is conveying is important and deserves support because of her willingness to take on the bureaucrats in her state. Check out Amber Krabach speaking at an event recently during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Check out the full interview with Amber Krabach:

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