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Trump this is Your Eviction Notice


Donald Trump has done some positive things as President and mainstream media hasn’t always depicted him fairly. However, the President’s retweet of a supporter shouting ‘white power ‘ is inexcusable. The President’s explanation from his campaign press secretary claiming he “couldn’t really hear” the chant is cowardice. Any Republican who supports this President now is complicit in supporting the systemic racism that exists in the United States.

Already Republicans such as Bush, Romney, and Colin Powell have made it clear that they won’t support Trump. Anyone who stands with Trump at this point is a racist. I don’t believe that America is racist and therefore I am confident that Americans will realize that President Trump is clearly not fit to lead this nation, not just because of retweeting a white supremacist. He has also failed the nation with the Covid-19 pandemic.

Even with Trump removing the tweet, he has made it clear time and time again that he doesn’t care about black lives, such as his failed dialogue with protesters and the Black Lives Movement. While I’m sure Candace Owens is sitting in a room somewhere thinking of dialogue to spin this action similar to how she tried to justify his ‘very fine people on both sides’ remarks about Charlottesville, if you truly believe in America, we can not have a President who supports white supremacy in the White House. Regardless of what he says, I encourage Americans to disavow his racism and any Republican that continues to support this racist, shouldn’t be supported either.

I support Joe Biden for President 2020!!





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