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Black Lives Don’t Matter in the Adult Industry

Alexis Texas is one of the most well known performers in the adult industry who refuses to shoot scenes with African-American men. While the reasons that Texas doesn’t shoot scenes with black men have never been clearly explained, it has been theorized that the reason is because she doesn’t want to lose her white fanbase. The racism in the adult industry is prevalent. While Texas has contributed to the racism, so do plenty of other performers and producers.


Racist scenes

Some black women exclusively shoot scenes with white men and are degraded on camera such as on the site ‘Ghetto Gaggers’ where white men wear Nazi outfits and pour their semen on black women and make them perform other humiliating tasks such as drinking out of dog bowels or smashing watermelons in their face.

Lack of Pay

White women who do choose to shoot scenes with African-American men are often paid much less than their counterparts who choose to work with only white men. It also is common for white porn actresses to refuse to work with black talent. Also black talent is often hired far less than white talent.



The death of George Floyd who had links to the adult industry and had appeared on ‘The Habib Show’ has sparked protests nationwide about the value of black lives. Why haven’t we protested about the racism that goes on in the adult industry? Check out this video of Lexi Lore describing the racism she saw during her time in the adult industry.


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