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How Alveda King Pimped the Pro-Life Movement



Alveda King has used her connection as the niece of civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. to make millions of dollars. The NAACP member, civil rights activist, and full-time Pastoral Associate of African American Outreach for the Roman Catholic pro-life group only became pro-life after multiple abortions, when it benefited her financially!!

“I didn’t know then that I was born into the pro-life movement,” Alveda King said. “God called me away from my liberal living. I had two abortions, a miscarriage, divorce, I was just living in the world. In 1983, God said that he wanted me to give my testimony. So I became a voice for life in 1983 when I was born-again, but I had been rescued in the womb, and I didn’t know it.”

Alveda King has used her connection to MLK for financial gain. It is quite hypocritical for someone to be an advocate of the anti-abortion movement who has had multiple abortions, she was basically pro-choice when it suited her lifestyle and now advocates for the other side of the issue claiming it is her “testimony”. The Conservative movement is full of frauds like this and two of them happen to have the last name King!!

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