Mia Khalifa Hates Being Reminded of Her Adult Film Career

Mia Khalifa hates being reminded of her adult film career, but she has been able to segue into a respectable second act as a sports-blogger. Her real name is Mia Callista and I think it is admirable that she wants to make a living doing something outside of the adult film industry. Mia has discussed being an “unwilling victim” in past interviews and said previously she was “intimidated” into her adult film career.


Mia Khalifa’s repentance over her porn career is probably very genuine, but she was also compelled by the death threats she received from ISIS for the scene she did while wearing a hijab. Coincidentally, she was the latest victim of a death hoax. However, muslim extremists haven’t caught up to her yet!!


Mia Khalifa postponed marriage in June because of COVID-19.

Porn may have limited her potential outside of mainstream work but she still has managed to land a job hosting a sports talk show. She has even been able to capitalize on her fame by selling merchandise online and having an Amazon shop. Despite her success outside of the adult film world, people still bring up her porn career and post the explicit videos online even though it must be kind of embarrassing, especially since she is engaged to Robert Sandberg, with some reports suggesting that they have already secretly wed. This would be Mia’s second marriage.

Screen Shot 2020-06-23 at 8.59.33 AMThe bottom line is that porn stars are people and Mia Khalifa doesn’t deserve to be harassed online because of her past career. It’s nothing wrong with privately enjoying her past work on Pornhub, but you should probably acknowledge that its a lot more to her as a human being because she does a lot of dope stuff such as support black content creators, donate to charity, and encourage young girls not to pursue a career in the adult industry!!

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