How Mysonne Pepetuates a Victim Mentality and Lack of Accountability

Mysonne has become a prominent leader in the Black Lives Matter movement but he is doing our community a disservice. Mysonne claims that he is an activist but his rhetoric has some notable holes that demonstrate a victim mentality and lack of accountability.


Beyonce wearing a blackface outfit.

Anti-Gucci Campaign

In a past debate with KingFace, Mysonne absolves Beyonce of any responsibility for wearing clothing with blackface but has a problem with Gucci manufacturing blackface outfits. Doesn’t that seem a bit contradictory regardless of the fact that Beyonce is a black woman, if clothing with blackface is offensive it shouldn’t matter what race you are.

Not Acknowledging Black on Black Violence as an Issue

Mysonne makes excuses for the real issues in the black community such as black-on-black violence. Check the 8:55 point in the video where he dismisses black-on-black violence as being a problem.

Advocating for Prisoners Opposed to Helping the Youth Avoid It

Mysonne spends a lot of his effort advocating for prisoners, such as his work with United Freedom. However, wouldn’t the more productive cause be to help the youth from going to prison in the first place.

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