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Republican Congressional Candidate Angela Stanton-King Shares Doctored Photo

photoshop-dem-women-kkkAngela Stanton-King is running as a Republican for the House in Georgia’s 5th District. However, the former convicted felon is either a poor researcher or intentionally trying to mislead people with a recent photo she shared showing women of the KKK holding a sign that reads “Women of the Democrat Party”.

This isn’t the first time doctored photos have been used for political purposes but because of Twitter now labeling Tweets and fact-checking posts, users can be more aware of who is sharing false information. Is it surprising that Angela Stanton-King has previously been honored by another known distorter of the truth, Donald Trump?

Screen Shot 2020-06-20 at 12.50.15 AM

In the photo that Angela Stanton-King actually shared the sign reads “Women of Lancaster County”. The fact that someone purposely or accidentally shares a photo that is inaccurate as this lets voters know that either Angela Stanton-King is dishonest and intentionally wants to mislead people or that she is not competent enough to research basic facts.


(L-R) The doctored photo Angela Stanton-King shared and the original photo.

While Angela Stanton-King is running for congressional office a vote for her wouldn’t be a good decision because she either lacks integrity or competence. While Stanton-King has yet to address the inaccurate information that she shared. A vote for someone of integrity such as Civil Rights Leader John Lewis would be the better choice, but intelligent people already know that.

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