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Remote Viewing: A Tentative Endorsement

Without postulating the application of advanced, arcane forms of suggestion, or the usage of some sort of technology that enables literal beaming of specific, tailor-made information into people’s heads, it is very hard, at least for me, to outright dismiss the findings regularly made at the Farsight Institute. What is the Farsight Institute? Well, the Farsight Institute might be looked at as many things, but what it chiefly functions and presents itself as, primarily through its prolific YouTube channel, is a team of investigators. Although, Farsight is no conventional investigative enterprise. No, not in the least. Because what the team at Farsight utilizes to produce leads is no less than a little thing called remote-viewing.

Perhaps many of you are not familiar with what remote-viewing, or RV, is, however. The term might elicit little interest before you learn what it refers to. Remote-viewing is the uncovering of details from past, present, or even future events, using the illuminating power of consciousness, as it were, alone. Indeed, we are talking about a form of ESP, or extrasensory perception, when we talk about RV. Remote-viewing enables an individual using it to “view” events unfolding at a location at which they themselves are not physically present, and at which there is absent any assistant technological apparatus, like a satellite, for example. Events that have come and gone, or even that have yet to come to pass, can also be learned about, or at least investigated, with the use of remote-viewing. And history books aren’t used to guide this process either, in the case of remote-viewing the past.

The Farsight Institute has chiseled out a unique place for itself in the fringe entertainment world, largely through its YouTube channel, Farsight Press. There, a virtual library of remote-viewing data is available to any who seek it, in video form. Each of the major videos on Farsight Press pertains to a particular “project”, which is in turn constituted by the participating remote-viewers’ combined efforts to view a particular “target,” i.e. the mysterious event, phenomenon, or person that those administrating the remote-viewing project are interested in learning about. Speaking of administrating, the whole operation that is Farsight is directed by one Courtney Brown, who is to be found at the very beginning of every video providing a brief introduction, immediately following with an enumeration of all the projects and events that he and his team at Farsight are concurrently busy with. After that, all of the participating team members’ filmed sessions of engagement with the remote-viewing “target” are played in succession. And boy, does each video make for an interesting experience!

In every project undertaken by the Farsight Institute, remote-viewers are told, prior to performing the RV, only that “there is a target,” and that they “should attempt to view it.” In other words, the remote-viewers know nothing at all about their target before trying to view it. Quite the stringent protocol, and it ensures validity during experimentation, which is what the remote-viewing forays done under Courtney Brown’s supervision do constitute in part. Experiments. It is a pre-condition they call “working blind.” Thus, when the remote-viewers do come back from their remote- viewing with information that is corroborated afterward, all of those involved can be reasonably certain that the information that was gathered during the remote-viewing was real, and that RV is therefore a real phenomenon. Knowing nothing about the target also denies the intractable “skeptics” who follow the work of researchers like Brown any of the convenient scientific sloppiness that they might like to use as cannon-fire against Farsight. It is solely those who have commissioned the remote-viewing project that know anything at all about the target, which, even then, is only a question, that is, the specific question to which answers are being sought for that project. Everyone involved, however, is dark on what those answers are at each respective project’s outset. The questions that Courtney Brown and his colleagues seek answers to are usually questions that cannot be answered using ordinary methods, and cannot, or, Brown and company suspect, will not, be answered completely or honestly by the official, trusted, establishment sources of information, i.e. established academia and the “mainstream” media. The otherwise inaccessible status of sought-after information is what makes remote-viewing so useful.

Content produced by the Farsight Institute is a consistent source of fascination, and that’s putting it mildly. The very mechanism by which the Farsight Institute obtains its data, remote-viewing, seems to fly in the face of conventional physics, and corroborates those things which have been spoken of by mystics, outsiders, and the like from all around the world, throughout human history. If Farsight’s remote-viewers can produce anything constituting a solid lead, or can uncover hitherto unknown details about an event, location, phenomenon, or person which come to be discovered as true at some point, then Farsight is part of the beginning of a profound reconstruction of our outlook on the universe, and on human potential. What could be more fascinating than that?


By Sha’Kim Bush

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