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Black Lives Matter is White Liberalism in Blackface

Screen Shot 2020-06-19 at 11.32.26 AM

From its website Black Lives Matters makes it known the organization isn’t just about black lives.

Black Lives Matter isn’t fit to lead the black community because its overall goals are to varied. Just looking at its core mission you see the similarities with liberalism. It has an LGBTQ agenda, involves fighting for undocumented immigrants, and while having been started to fight institutional racism, one can easily argue that these are vastly different and varied issues, some that have absolutely nothing to do with the black community.

Also the fact that these issues are very similar to the platform of the Democratic Party is suspicious to say the least. While only rumors have connected George Soros to funding the organization and other claims have been proven false such as that Black Lives Matter gives money to Democratic candidates because of using ActBlue to accept donations. However, the organization has been very secretive about where the large influx of donations they receive are going.


While celebrities continue writing large checks to the cause. It seems that Black Lives Matter should have more transparency about how they are spending their money, but just reading their website its clear that they aren’t just focused on black lives. With the growing popularity of the organization, the goals of the group should be called into question.

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