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Aunt Jemima Admits to Racist Past

Aunt Jemima syrup, a PespsiCo product, on display in the aisles of a ShopRite grocery store in Stratford, CT, USA, on Wednsday August 3, 2011. Photographer: Paul Taggart/Bloomberg


Quaker Oats is getting rid of the 130 year old Aunt Jemima brand and logo, admitting that it is steeped in a racial stereotype.

Aunt Jemima’s appearance has changed over time, she has come a long way from when she had that scarf on her head when I was a kid. The brand’s origin and logo is derived from the song “Old Aunt Jemima” from a minstrel show singer. Quaker Oats website said the logo started in 1890 and was based on Nancy Green, a “storyteller, cook and missionary worker.” The Aunt Jemima brand was bought by Quaker Oats in 1926. PepsiCo purchased Quaker Oats in 2001.
It has been numerous calls for the name to change since 2017. Most recently it started trending on Twitter because of a viral video on the racist history of the brand posted by songstress Kirby Sing.

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