How Kacey Chrysler is Trying to Hijack The Legacy of the Lost Boyz


The New Lost Boyz according to Kacey Chrysler. However, Mr. Cheeks has made it clear in recent interviews no such group exists.

Mr. Cheeks made a contractual agreement to do a Legacy Lost Boyz EP through ONErpm. The group consisted of Mr. Cheeks, Kacey Chrysler, and the talented son of original group member Freaky Tah whose stage name is Freaky Kah. Chrysler who had known Mr. Cheeks for a decade was a hype man, videographer, and sometimes had served as booking manager for Mr. Cheeks, assisting Cheeks in getting a number of shows overseas and had earned Mr. Cheeks trust so much so, that Cheeks had entrusted Chrysler with his and the Lost Boyz social media accounts. Cheeks for the past decade would regularly shout Chrysler out in YouTube videos and Chrysler would be right next to Cheeks in interviews or when they performed “Lights, Camera, Action” at Sirius Radio. Chrysler who managed a number of Chrysler dealerships that his father owned was savvy with computers but also dreamed of a music career. Mr. Cheeks was trying to focus on being an artist and unwittingly had allowed “a wolf into the hen house”. Mr. Cheeks and Chrysler would eventually have a very public falling out with Mr. Cheeks publicly calling out Chrysler in interviews.

After a decade Mr. Cheeks close partnership with Kacey Chrysler had dissolved for reasons unbeknownst to some. A disgruntled Chrysler took control not only of the Lost Boyz and Mr. Cheeks Instagram accounts, Chrysler had also hijacked the Lost Boyz Spotify page and set up a Lost Boyz website. Kacey Chrysler is not a member of the Lost Boyz, nor is it a New Lost Boyz according to past interviews with Mr. Cheeks. What Chrysler has done is essentially attempt to hijack the legacy of the Lost Boyz, even changing their Wikipedia page. Chrysler was taking advantage of a “legal loophole” which existed because of the contractual agreements from the EP with ONErpm. By demanding that promoters book the Lost Boyz, Chrysler could show up at shows where promoters were expecting Mr. Cheeks and collect the money even though he wasn’t a member of the Original Lost Boyz. Keep in mind that this is taking money from Mr. Cheeks who has a less popular Instagram page than his verified page. Chrysler even goes as far as posting photos of Mr. Cheeks with his granddaughter to deceive fans into thinking that it is Mr. Cheeks real page.

The attempt to steal Cheeks identity by Chrysler hasn’t gone largely unnoticed by hip-hop fans. As an avid listener of “The Ryan Show” I noticed Mr. Cheeks recently addressed the situation on an episode dated 5/28/2020 saying “he wanted to do a bunch of shit no one asked him to do” describing Chrysler. Mr. Cheeks goes on further in the podcast to say “You know how a motherfucka wants to do so much but don’t have nothing to do with what they doing”.  Not exactly a tell-all memoir but provides some light into the situation likely being further complicated because Freaky Kah who is the son of Original Lost Boyz member Freaky Tah is in this alleged New Lost Boyz group who Cheeks refers to as his “son” in the interview but Kah has been promoting the fake Lost Boyz Instagram page in his bio, which is understandable for an up and coming artist whose father’s solo career never took off wanting to be attached to the incredible musical legacy of Lost Boyz, which is likely one of the reasons that Mr. Cheeks hasn’t been as vocal about the situation because he possibly doesn’t want to negatively impact Freaky Kah.




Freaky, Tah, Pretty Lou, and Mr. Cheeks.

As far as Chrysler his reputation at first glance would suggest that he is an upstanding business person who manages car dealerships and does music on the side. A more in depth look reveals someone who is possibly a sociopath and has left a path of destruction from stealing money from actors he claims to represent such as Marc John Jefferies, allegedly raping models at music video shoots, and attempting to rewrite the history of the Lost Boyz while using the fake profiles to steal money from Mr. Cheeks who really doesn’t need the Lost Boyz brand if we are being honest. Chrysler is a dangerous individual who has managed to avoid the detection of his deviant acts by mastering google algorithms which keep his misdeeds unknown.

Mr. Cheeks has attempted to gain back his verified Instagram page by contacting Instagram. The social media giant has failed to correct the action and with the ability for users to buy verified badges this is an unprecedented situation in the history of music and poses the question how safe is your digital identity?

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13 Comments on How Kacey Chrysler is Trying to Hijack The Legacy of the Lost Boyz

  1. Our Fact Checkers have identified this wordpress blog post story as FALSE and will be updated it with a notification or possible deletion within 24-48 hours . Our snitches say this repetitive false story comes from scammer radio wanna be identified as 👉 Ryan Vernaville of Long Island #Scam ✍️

    • What part of the story is false? I clearly included audio in the post from Mr. Cheeks where he says that it is no New Lost Boyz. Mr. Cheeks doesn’t have control of his verified page so Kacey stop playing with my credibility before I get mad.

      • We have identified the date of your audio content “evidence” you provided that was personally given to u by actual scammer Ryan Vernaville and it comes from the very unpopular BRyan show and clearly shows that this old interview was actually conducted April of 2019 . Since then it looks like the person your WordPress blog is falsey accusing here has actually toured , signed new deal and released new music with said invidivduals stating lost Boyz and lbfam throughout ..all recent as may 2020. Facts are, anyone with one eye can see this this fake story comes from bRyan Vernaville and booler fuler divine who has been harassing fans for over a year online in effort to promote the Bryan show and mediocre scheme and look at me mixtapes to finally get noticed cause they feel outcasted after recieving over 50 denials from every company who knows their lying Plus it looks like they have been denied verification by ALL social media entities. Our research shows the clowns your defending aren’t verfied anywhere not just ig so therefore this isn’t a “jacking issue”, but simply a LIE. Sorry but your blog appears to have been scammed with an obvious Fake story by obvious fake people whom are not verified ANYWHERE. We were also able to easily Google SEVERAL verified media outlets which makes it easy to conclude that this story is COMPLETELY FALSE .ALSO , unrelated but it looks like the person who runs this harrasment blog Ryan Glover only has 7 followers on Twitter which explains why this lie is posted here #facts .God Bless you fabricators ..Factual Updates will follow shortly …… #checkthefacts

      • You can’t even spell Ryan Verneuille’s name correctly fact checker. ‘The Ryan Show’ is syndicated on FM Radio in multiple locations and Mr. Cheeks is a guest host. I’m sure you have toured Kacey pretending to be part of the Lost Boyz. I may not have a lot of followers but I just interviewed Mr. Cheeks recently on my youtube channel The interview on the ‘Ryan Show’ was quite recent as well. Quit the tomfoolery!! It is based on facts as all of my blog posts are and it’s almost over 300 on this site alone. Don’t disrespect Cooler Ruler Divine who wrote the chorus for “Renee” but if you were actually LB fam you would know that Kacey!! I also list the date of the audio in the post so you are a horrible fact checker!!

  2. I speak to the comment above this. You cant even spell the man’s name right you accuse of being a scammer. I know Cheeks personally as well. Ryan does a radio show every single week co hosted by Mr Cheeks. This is a fact consistently verified. There is no disputing the legitimacy of both The Ryan Show and Mr Cheeks against the real scam artist Kacey Chrysler.

  3. “Fact checker”… Ha… That’s him writing that.

  4. genuwinebeauty // June 16, 2020 at 8:39 am // Reply

    yes this is true I know mr cheeks personally as well that fuck nigga blocked me

  5. I just came to say. This story isn’t false. I am a victim of Kacey.

  6. Hi so Kacey has been messaging me via Instagram to sign me to his “agency”….however he’s been pretty unprofessional with his phrasing and stuff. Without even telling me what opportunities are available he’s already telling me that he will pay for procedures to “enhance” my body. Now he’s asking for pictures and measurements and it’s all really weird. Any more info on this guy would be appreciated because I am curious. HOWEVER, I am definitely not going to do any sort of business with him because I had bad vibes about him before I even found this article. I hope this info is helpful for someone else.

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