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Ray Ray Discusses Being a Willing Participant of The Adult Industry

Ray Ray - Portfolio-12-L-105

A common misconception of adult film stars is that they are not intelligent, are being preyed on, or we’re abused as a child. Up and coming adult film star and former military veteran Ray Ray defies this notion and explained in a recent interview how her sexual deviancy today can be traced directly to the “sexual repression” she experienced in her happy childhood in Idaho.

Ray Ray is proud of her sexual prowess and boasts of having over 700 partners and has goals of setting record numbers with gang bangs and bukkake’s. She describes herself as just enjoying sex and that is what led to her evolving into a career in adult film because she hopes to complete her advanced degree in Biology so she can become a Physical Assistant.


With 43 million people recently filing for unemployment you can’t say that sex workers are the dumb ones. Especially when in the case of Ray Ray and many other sex workers who have specifically chosen this profession, have multiple streams of income, and have managed to prove that their work is “essential” doing the pandemic. Maybe, it is time to have a real conversation about decriminalizing sex work.

Keep up with everything in Ray Ray’s world by following her on Twitter @rockpornallstar, Instagram @ray_of_sunshine529, Snapchat @Ray26Ray26, and Reddit Subscribe to her YouTube Channel to watch The R Buy her premium content on Modelhub Get a sneak peek and “like” her free content on Pornhub And, make sure to look for the launch of her official website this summer.


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