Why Is the National African American Gun Association Silent on the 2020 Election?


The NRA has been losing board members and before the pandemic it seemed like a mass shooting was happening every month. NAAGA (National African American Gun Association) has been seeing rapid growth under the Trump administration, maybe they could have picked a better name!! The group promotes the Second Amendment and social justice. Philip Smith the groups leader has discussed the peril that comes with being a black gun owner previously, for instance Philando Castile who had a gun license but was shot and killed during a 2016 traffic stop. The NAAGA was quick to condemn the Castile shooting while the NRA didn’t even mention the killing until a year later and when they did, the spokeswoman Dana Loesch condemned Castille for using marijuana.

NAAGA has expressed interest in getting political and as the 2020 election rolls around it is interesting considering that many liberals are pushing more gun control measures. Joe Biden the Democratic Nominee on his website says that if he wins the election he will impose an assault weapons ban and touts his record of taking on the NRA twice. Trump hasn’t really done anything in his time in office and has a great relationship with the NRA. Smith says “We have folks from every walk of life,” Smith said. “Black doctors, gay, straight, Republicans, Democrats. You name it, we have it … We’re not monolithic in why we’re all here. We have different reasons.” However, is the group necessary if they refuse to make a statement on where the group stands politically?

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