The Hypocrisy of Lori Lightfoot


Mayor of Chicago Lori Lightfoot recently discussed she wants the officer fired who greeted peaceful protesters with middle fingers. Protesters chanted remarks ranging from “F–k twelve” and “Quit your job” to “Who do you protect? Who do you serve?”when the officer flipped the birds, Lightfoot at a press conference on June 5th made it clear that she wants that officer terminated, along with other officers who hid their names and badge numbers from the crowd.

Lightfoot acknowledged Chicago police Superintendent David Brown has the final decision on whether to terminate the officer whose identity is under investigation after being photographed by Block Club Chicago with two middle fingers raised while working at a Thursday protest.

“And I will code what I really want to say to Donald Trump. It’s two words. It begins with F. It ends with U.”

-Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot

It was a little over two weeks ago when the Chicago Mayor told the sitting President of the United States Donald Trump “Fuck you” because of Trump’s tweets where he referred to rioters as “THUGS”. While I think the police officer not respecting the protesters is disrespectful, Mayor Lightfoot clearly hasn’t been the best example of demonstrating dignity and respect. If Lightfoot and the protesters can exercise their First Amendment Right, why can’t the police officer? Is it because he is white?

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