King Bach Discusses Racial Injustices In Slam Poetry


Since the deaths of Ahmaud Arbery and George Floyd one of the new phenomena is that celebrities who have previously been silent about the oppression that African-Americans faced have started speaking up. King Bach for instance recently dropped a video where he discusses not caring about losing brands who aren’t in support of the Black Lives Matter Movement. Some of his claims in the video seem a bit absurd such as having to pay for meals prior to eating. However, Bach has a point about the paranoia that his white peers don’t have to deal with.

Bach started trending on Twitter after doing a video where he discussed the injustices in a Slam Poetry video. Some accused Bach for spelling the names wrong of some of the victims, for instance in the video he has “Tamar Rice” written on his body but the actual spelling is “Tamir Rice”. The video also has some awkward pauses and for the comedian is a little bit different than some of his past content.

Overall, King Bach has received a lot of hate online recently, but I always found his videos to be hilarious. Ironically he makes fun of a lot of racial stereotypes in his past videos, so to see him actually being serious is a little offbeat. However, I believe his heart is in the right place and that is what actually matters.  You can’t help but respect him for attempting to use his platform to further a righteous cause!!

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