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Josh Johnson Discusses His Optimism For New York Bouncing Back From COVID-19 Pandemic


Josh Johnson is hilarious. I caught up with the comedian and writer and he talked about growing up in Louisiana before moving to Chicago. He enjoyed the atmosphere of Chicago because “it wasn’t an industry heavy city” which allowed him to focus on the craft and just have fun. He eventually moved to New York and says “I was bit intimidated at first” because of the number of great comedians. He talked about being happy on moving to New York and believing that the city would “bounce back from the pandemic in a big way”.

Comedians have had to look for new outlets due to the pandemic but Johnson discusses that while Zoom and other platforms have”allowed for makeshift efforts” he doesn’t feel it allows for the same opportunity to connect because comedy is so “engaging” and about the “unique experience”. We also talked about his new web series on Comedy Central which he has only filmed one episode for so far but is hilarious. Check it out below:

Check out the full interview:

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