Standup Comedy via Zoom

So there is a first time for everything and last night i decided I was going to try Standup online for the first time. I have been out of the game for about 2 years now and want to make the return. since comedy clubs are closed, this seemed to be the only way. I connected with Laughing Buddha Comedy based in New York



1) you don’t have to leave your house

2) its easy to hide notes around you room

3) its easy to record your set and make adjustments


Well the one con i really think there is the crowd energy. Now granted most open mics, there is much energy anyways. Its a room of other comics basically trying to work stuff out and really can’t focus on other peoples act. I think the online comedy scene is something you just have to get used to.  Also i missed my light due to a video lag, so i would set up your own timer and keep notes on where you are.


Here is a sample of my act last night doing virtual standup

Arty 84 – Packie Pres

(844) 844-7687 Ext 3

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