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Welcome to the Hub to Arty Navigate below to find your Arty 84 Need

Arty 84 Comedy is Home to Arty 84’s comedy Stand up comedy page. Here you can find dates he will be performing, clips of his jokes and pictures. Also you can contact and inquire about hiring Arty 84 here.







The Arty 84 Podcast and Live stream Show is Home to Arty 84’s weekly Podcast and Live Stream. Here you can find all old episodes of the Arty 84 show. In addition you can find the Arty 84 show on the following places:








DJ Arty 84 – 84 Entertainment Group is home to Arty 84’s Entertainment Company, 84 Entertainment Group. Here you can book an event, see information on past events and see where Arty 84 has DJ’d. Over 20 years of experience and available east of the Mississippi.





84 Design Group other than entertainment, Arty 84 is a experienced designer with over 10 years working in Architecture and Engineering. An alumni of University of Massachusetts Lowell, Wentworth institute of Technology and Boston Architecture College. Arty has worked in commercial and residential design and engineering.  Check out the site for more information and quotes on your next design.




The Wicked Explorers – Travel Vlog Into travel logs and seeing the world? Arty 84 along with his wife Suzi J and son Henry explore the world and share every minute with you on their page. Check out their site and Youtube Page for a weekly vlog









Rumney Marsh Design Consultants along with 84 Design Group, Arty has a sub division strictly for restaurant and food service design and consultant. Click here to find out what they are working on now and some of their 3D designs for projects in the works. Arty and his team have over 20 years working first hand and design in the restaurant world.





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