‘The Marshall Mathers LP’ 20th Anniversary


Eminem is arguably the G.O.A.T. A white rapper from Detroit that managed to sell over 100 million albums. Today his sophomore album turns twenty years old. It has been a lot of talk that no one in the hood ever says “play that Eminem” and that is an outright lie. The day Eminem dropped his second album I heard his music bumping constantly in vehicles in the predominantly black neighborhood I grew up in. Song such as “The Way I Am” and “Stan” have universal appeal among all ethnicities til this day. Most likely a reason that Eminem would win a Grammy Award for the project.

The biggest injustice is that The Source didn’t give Eminem his five-mic rating, The Marshall Mathers LP only received four mics. The conflict of interest that existed within the magazine was later know when Eminem started feuding with former chief operations officer Benzino.

While most artists sophomore albums pale in comparison to their debut release. Eminem came with an album that was artistically true to where he was in life with his newfound stardom without compromising his artistic integrity.

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