Biden tells Charlamagne Tha God: If you don’t support me ‘then you ain’t black’

Former US Vice President Joe Biden speaks during the First State Democratic Dinner in Dover, Delaware, on March 16, 2019. (Photo by SAUL LOEB / AFP) (Photo by SAUL LOEB/AFP via Getty Images)


I just watched Charlamagne Tha God’s interview with former Vice President Joe Biden. I thought that Charlamagne did excellent as far as the questions he asked and was impressed by his research and preparedness. I even thought Joe Biden made some important points about things that he wants to do for the black community but suggesting that if you vote for Trump over Biden you aren’t black is disrespectful. Just as disrespectful as some of the remarks that Trump has made in the past that have outraged Americans.

Biden in the interview was slippery as a used car salesman refusing to say who he is considering for Vice President. Biden said “I guarantee you, there are multiple black women being considered. Multiple.” With rumors swirling that Amy Klobuchar is being vetted; if Biden doesn’t pick an African-American running mate the black community has an idea of his sincerity.

A staffer interrupted that Biden needed to end the interview, and Charlamagne replied: “You can’t do that to black media!”. A suggestion that Charlamagne wasn’t being given the opportunity to ask the questions that he needed that a white interviewer would have been able to ask. I kind of felt that Biden was pandering and placating to Charlamagne and saying whatever he felt would win him votes in the black community. However, the black vote isn’t a monolith and if Biden doesn’t select a black running mate he could find that out in November.





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